Annie, Eric, Helen, Jim Molly and Tommy

MollyThe Gallery, Gateshead Central Library

Friday 15th May – Saturday 11th July 2015

This exhibition offers the chance to meet some of Gateshead’s everyday heroes and to share in their inspiring, unusual and remarkable stories.

Artists Kate Fox and Tommy Anderson have been artists in residence in Gateshead over the last year meeting residents and collecting stories of their lives. The exhibition gives voice to ordinary Gateshead people with extraordinary stories to tell.


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Message for Parents RE: Educating Series

sign2Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a number of enquiries re the Filming of “Educating series” at Lord Lawson of Beamish.

The production company involved with the series are researching a number of potential schools and have asked if they can make a short (not for broadcast) taster tape which we have agreed to.The taster film will be approximately 8 minutes long and is designed to be seen only by those directly involved in making location choices about the series.I would like to clarify that we have not yet made any decision to commit to the series and nor would we do so without

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