LLOB General Election 2015

electionOn the 7th of May this year Lord Lawson will be having their very own General Election.

All day students will have the opportunity to vote for the three main political parties they want to win the General Election either Labour , Conservatives or Liberal Democrats . This event will happen outside the hall. In Project Time 7YG and 7XG have been working very hard to organise this event by creating inventive posters and great,

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Public Service Student London Visit

10DThe Year 13 Public Services students made a visit to London during the Easter holidays. Throughout their course, they have studied aspects of Law, Government and Politics as well as how Public Services are influenced in today’s society.Their trip included a visit to 10 Downing St where they had an opportunity to have a photograph on the iconic doorstep and have a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what life with the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Protection Group was like!

Day two saw a visit to the Palace of Westminster and a guided tour around Westminster Hall, St Stephen’s Hall as well as the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Jordan Fiddes, a Y13 student stated, “It was a great opportunity to experience what life must have been like for our namesake Lord Jack Lawson … it really was a case of Each Other and Our Dreams”.

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