Milan Hair & Beauty Trip

MilanSix Hair & Beauty students and two members of Academy staff have just returned from an extremely successful Study trip to Milan. The students were invited to visit ‘Itely’ the Italian production plant that develops and produces the Hair and Beauty products that we use in our salons in the Academy. This is the first time ‘Itely Hair Products’ have invited a group from a school, and due to the exemplary behaviour of our students the Academy has been invited back next year with another party of trainees.

The six students spent a full day at the plant, being shown around the development labs and the production process in the morning and in the afternoon taking part in a Colour Correction Workshop at the ‘Itely Academy’ working with colour technicians from Dubai.

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Solar Eclipse

IR2In a once in a lifetime opportunity a number of our students took the chance to see the Solar Eclipse this morning. At 9.35 the first Solar Eclipse to be seen in the UK since 1999 reached 90% totality over Gateshead.

Despite heavy cloud cover for much of the morning the sky cleared at just the right time for everyone to see.

On rare occasions the Earth, Moon and the Sun are in just the right position for the Moon to block the Sun’s light from reaching the Earth’s surface. This is called a Solar Eclipse. Only certain places on Earth will be able to see a total solar eclipse.

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