MAD Awards 2015

webCongratulations to the recipients of the 2015 MAD Awards.

Lord Lawson held our version of the Oscars on Tuesday 14 July. The evening began with our resident photographer, Ian, taking OSCAR style photographs of all the students and their guests; followed by strawberries and cream, before entering the lavishly decorated school hall that was transformed into a Hollywood set by the amazing Matt and Chris.

Past students surpassed themselves with their performances, providing inspiration for future generations of Lord Lawson students. The audience were also ‘wowed’ by an amazing ‘electronic harp’ and some powerful performances by current students.

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‘Life after Lord Lawson’ event for Yr 12

IMG_7000-Last week our programme started with a very good motivational speech and presentation from the 2014 BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, Katie Bulmer Cook .Yr12 then planned and pitched their Apprentice business idea of making as much money as possible from £20 to a panel of judges to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ their proposals.Katie was impressed by the range of innovative ideas and the very good presentations.
Over the next 3 days students enjoyed a Careers fair, eating and cooking on a budget, preparing for interviews, applying for Apprenticeships and University, learning about money management and independent living and managing stress through Yoga ( the staff also appreciated this). Some students had attended Northumbria University for a Physics and Engineering summer school whilst others gained advice from Northumbria university in school about their UCAS Personal statements.

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