Science Transition Day

PetmainThe Academy welcomed 130 Year 6 students in for a Science Transition Day on Wednesday. Students from Portobello, Kibblesworth, Oakfield, Barley Mow and Birtley East were joined by Jay from Jay’s Animal Encounters to learn how animals are adapted to their environment.
They first met Alice, Darwin and Sydney the Bearded Dragons from Australia. Jay taught them how they are excellent climbers and are able to use their tails to keep balanced when on branches high up in the trees, or on students heads!
Belinda the Blue Tongued Skink was a very friendly lizard that liked giving the students a kiss on the nose. The students were able to explain to Jay what advantage Belinda has for having a blue tongue when warning of possible predators.

Bugsy Malone

BugsymainA week of pure entertainment from a committed, talented and energetic cast.

The set,┬ácostumes and lots of ‘ad-libbing’ contributed to a ‘world class’ performance. I, personally, have never laughed so much during a school production; Fat Sam kept us all on our toes, not knowing what was going to happen next.

The ‘Splurge’ created a slippery floor with some creative acrobatics from Dandy Dan’s gang. (see video below)

I was extremely proud of┬áJamie and Lucy, who became ‘Bugsy’ and ‘Blousy’ for the week.

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