Lord Lawson’s Got Talent

Ex- Lord Lawson Student and Britain’s Got Talent Contestant Jamie Lee Harrison returns to perform at the Academy

Thursday 19th May 2017

It was a delight to welcome ex Lord Lawson Student Jamie Lee Harrison back to the Academy on Thursday following his incredible performance on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday evening.

Jamie was a student at Lord Lawson from 2004 to 2011. Since leaving the Academy he has continued to follow his dream of becoming a successfully singer/ songwriter. His latest achievement has been receiving a standing ovation from the BGT Judges, including outstanding feedback from Head judge Simon Cowell for his fantastic performance of REM Everybody Hurts.

Year 7 were very lucky on Thursday to have Jamie perform and chat to us about his experiences on the show. Both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed his performances and having the opportunity to chat to him about his experiences in the music business. Jamie is the same genuine and friendly student that attended Lord Lawson back in 2011, and he deserves all of the success coming his way. Jamie took the time to encourage and inspire students to follow their dreams and participate in the many performance opportunities available to them in the academy. The whole of Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy are fully supporting Jamie on Britain’s Got Talent and wish him the very best of luck in the coming weeks, we can’t wait to see how far he goes in the competition.
Best of Luck Jamie!!

Miss Brown
Subject Leader Performing Arts


On Location

On Saturday the 6th of May Barbara DaSilva Lopes was invited to work on a film set (which we are not allowed to name – sorry )  with actor Gordon Ace Hindson who has starred in Beowulf and game of thrones and other actors which we can’t name either unfortunately .  This was on location in Durham and Barbara has got great feed back from the director and actors who all complemented her on her professionalism and talent.  This is a great achievement and a wonderful opportunity for her – she has been asked to work on future projects too which I’m sure you will agree is fantastic news for her.

If you see Barbara please congratulate her on her achievement – Our team are so proud !


Sunny the Seagull Visited Lord Lawson

As part of prize for the Smarter Parker Campaign breakfast presenters Simon and Danielle from Sun FM and Sunny the Seagull came along to present the Congestion Crusaders with their award.

This team wrote and produced a forty second advert for Sun FM’s Smarter Parker Campaign. The aim of this campaign promoted smarter parking outside schools and the surrounding area. The advert was heard on Sun FM, Metro Radio and Capital radio stations across the North East for two weeks.

The Congestion Crusaders are: Nell Dickson, Lauren Hubb, Niamh Carr, Katie-May Eastland, Claudia Crossling and Ellen Proud.

A big thank you to everyone at Sun FM for their help and support and congratulations once again to the Congestion Crusaders for their very catchy advert.

And remember…Be a Smarter Parker!

Thank you

Mr Nesbitt

Mrs Bell

Durham Unwrapped

Durham Unwrapped – A Trip to Durham University

Last term, twelve Year 10 students enjoyed a taster day at Durham University.

Our students experienced a flavour of academic life at Durham. They participated in many activities and seminars including: how to manage their finances while studying, information regarding student accommodation and the numerous courses which can be studied at Durham.

They also received interesting information on the clubs and societies which were available. They found out about playing Quidditch on Palace Green and the exploits of the Harry Potter society which they found very interesting.

The Durham student ambassadors hosted a tour of the site where students could ask questions about living and studying at Durham. Our students asked questions about the application process and entry requirements to Durham and how the students cope with the demands of living away from home.

A very enjoyable day.

The students participating were: Sam Dawson, Daniel Malloy, Patrick Painter, Daniel Preece, Jonathan Taylor, Chloe Codling, Bethany Grey, Alexandra Heywood, Rumbidzai Muchenagumbo, Georgia Revell, Melissa Thamprasertwong and Sian Dickson.

Thank you

Mrs Bell


Newcastle University Taster Day

Last term, a selection of KS3 students enjoyed a Newcastle University taster day. The aim of this day was to provide participating students with a variety of information about higher education and student life.

This one day event focused on the opportunities that are available while studying at university. Through a variety of interactive sessions, our students gained lots of knowledge about the benefits of higher education. They worked with current undergraduates to gain an invaluable insight into university life.

The programme included a short tour of Newcastle University’s main campus and facilities. This allowed the attending students to have their questions answered by staff and students alike.

Newcastle Student Ambassadors (current Newcastle University students) were on hand to support our students throughout their visit and encouraged them to ask questions and participate in a variety of workshops.

A big thank you to Mr. Nesbitt, Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Barnes who accompanied the students on the trip.

Thank you

Mrs. Bell


Our House 2017

Academy Production 2017  Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st March 2017

Leading Cast:

Joe Casey- Owen Saunders, Sarah- Grace Parkin- Galway, Joe’s Dad- Joe Gowland, Kath Casey- Emily Smith, Reecey- Kieron Jackson, Emmo- Aaron Barrow, Lewis- Jensen Carr, Billie- Abigail Nichols, Angie- Jemma Martin, Mr Pressman- Kieran Worboys and Callum- Patrick Painter.

Academy Band- The Camden Buskers:

Sam Dawson- Drum Kit, David Currie- Keyboard, David Ord- Trumpet, Jackson Thomas- Bass Guitar, Ms Fisher- Piano and Mrs Robinson Saxophone/ Flute/ Clarinet

Supported by an amazing ensemble of 70 Academy Students

“Our House has without question been the highlight of my final year here at Lord Lawson. All of the time and relentless hard work we put in for 6 months absolutely paid off. I hope those who came to support it enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Owen Saunders, Year 13- Leading Role Joe Casey

A huge congratulations to all of the Our House Cast, Crew and Creative Team on an amazing week of Our House performances last week.

Our House the story of leading character Joe Casey was told through a challenging split story line and through the classic songs of Madness. Musical numbers such as Our House, Baggy Trousers, It Must be Love and I Like Driving in My Car gave a new creative interpretation to the music and story line.

The whole cast have been a delight throughout the whole rehearsal process. Thank you to each and every one of you for your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity. We are so very proud of your performances and the production as a whole, achieved through your tireless rehearsal process, talent and team work.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and allowed our show to be of such high quality. I would like to especially thank the Performing Arts team for their time and handwork in supporting the students and making the production happen from initial ideas to the stage.

Our House is the final Academy production for our incredible Year 13 students. Many of whom have performed in every production for the past seven years. Thank you for your long term commitment and enthusiasm. We hope you treasure your Performing Arts memories forever. You have inspired a new generation of younger performers throughout the Our House process and should be extremely proud of all of your achievements. We could not be prouder of you all.

Once again Our House Cast thank you for making us so proud (have I mentioned that we are proud of you all!?), you are awesome… It really must be love!

The Performing Arts Department is a lot like Number 25 Casey Street “Our House it has a crowd, there’s always something happening and its usually quite loud” …and that is just how we like it and how we intend it to stay!

Miss Brown

Subject Leader Performing. Arts

Please follow the Performing Arts twitter account LLOB_TeamPA for department updates and announcements on the 2018 Academy Production.



Congratulations to Reece Lunt

Congratulations to Year 7 student Reece Lunt, who last night was announced winner of the Personal Achievement Category (8-13 Years) at the Sunderland Young Achievers Awards 2017.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, Reece has become an advocate for the education of others and fund raiser for Diabetes UK. When attending Rickleton Primary he presented school assemblies  and  helped to organise a World Diabetes Day which raised hundreds of pounds. Since joining Lord Lawson, in Project Time lessons Reece has continued to make his peers aware of what Diabetes is, how to spot the signs and symptoms and how the condition can be managed successfully. He is a remarkable young man, who is not only determined to do well himself but also cares about the welfare of others.
Reece became one of only eight children Nationally to win the Jubilee Award for Character 2016 and was presented with his award at a prestigious ceremony at the House of Lords in July.

This is an amazing achievement Reece, many congratulations from everyone  at Lord Lawson.


Street Striker

The PE Department invited the annual Gateshead SSP Street Striker roadshow into the Academy on Tuesday and students from Key Stage 3 were given the opportunity to test their ability in a football skills circuit. Stations included a keepy up contest, speed shot, dribbling channel, heading challenge, crossbar challenge and accuracy station.
The School Sports Partnership organised and led the event along with the help of some Year 10 GCSE PE students who were a credit to the Academy. Results have been received and will be announced in assemblies next week.
Special thanks also to PE staff who covered lessons and braved the elements outdoors.
Head over to @llobpe on Twitter to check out some videos and photos from the day including a Mr Lewis crossbar challenge!

Year 10 Maths Feast

On Thursday 16th February the Lord Lawson team of Chloe Codling, Rebecca Collinson, Sam Dawson and Patrick Painter (accompanied by Mr Adams and Mr Lewis) took up our invitation to the Year 10 Maths Feast, hosted by the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP) at Emmanuel College.
The afternoon started, appropriately, with a spot of lunch. Phil Moxon of the FMSP then took up after-dinner speaking duties, explaining to the students the value of taking Maths post-GCSE. He hopes that many in the audience will go on to take Further Maths at KS5 in order to really explore the subject in depth and enhance opportunities for employment and further study.
The questions followed, with 4 rounds in keeping with the gastronomic theme:
  1. Starter – 20 mins of tricky True/False questions, in which the team can work together.
  2. Main – A 20 min comprehension task in which the students had to work in pairs, not allowed to confer with the other pair. The theme was “tables of squares”, giving the students some idea of the difficulties previous generations of students had to go to before calculators were commonplace.
  3. Dessert – 20 mins. 6 problems. 4 full solutions required, worth 5 marks each.
  4. Petits Fours – A 16 question relay. Again the students work in pairs, with no conferring between pairs. The answer to one question (marked and corrected instantly) acted as an input to the next. This proved the most enjoyable round, and has given Mr Lewis plenty of ideas for his lessons – watch out 8yY!
We might not have troubled the podium on this occasion (credit to the winning Dame Allan’s team), but the Lord Lawson team had an enjoyable afternoon and did themselves and our school proud.


Smarter Parker Final 2017

Last Thursday, two teams of Lord Lawson students took part in the Smarter Parker final at the Mansion House in Newcastle.

Our Year 7 students were asked to write and perform a 40 second advert for SUN FM prompting safer parking and reducing traffic congestion around schools and in the local neighbourhood. Our two Year 7 teams were: the Congestion Crusaders and Bumper to Bumper. They presented their findings to a panel of SUN FM and Go Smarter representatives. After strong competition from Biddick and Boldon Academies, it was the Congestion Crusaders who emerged victorious.

There advert will be professionally recorded at the SUN FM studios and will be broadcast across the North East at the end of March. You can also hear the advert on Capital FM and Metro Radio as part of their prize.

Well done to both teams for taking part and remember to… Be a Smarter Parker!




Nell Dickson

Ellen Proud

Niamh Carr

Lauren Hubb

Katie-May Eastland

Claudia Crossling

Orlena Henderson

Lily Robson

Beth Davidson

Millie Coates

Sophie Harrison

Charlotte Stonebridge

Well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you

Mr Nesbitt

Mrs Bell