Holocaust Memorial day













Holocaust Memorial day 27th January 2018. 

Two students from Yr 13 delivered an assembly to Sixth form as part of our tutorial programme on the Holocaust memorial day. The students had been part of the Lessons from Auschwitz project which prepares resources to raise awareness about the holocaust. The students talked about their visit to Auschwitz last October and shared their experience.

Read their account below.



Project Time Christmas Coffee Afternoon

On Friday 15 December Year 7 students in 7xg and 7yg held a Christmas coffee afternoon for their families. They proudly showed their guests their first term’s Project ‘The North East ‘and explained the importance of each piece of work.

Following a beautifully delivered presentation, the students offered their guests cakes and biscuits and a nice warm cup of tea or coffee, showing real North East hospitality.

Congratulations to all students for a fabulous festive afternoon!



Kells Lane Science Visit

On 5th December year 5 students from Kells Lane joined us for what has become an annual event, to observe and investigate chemical changes. The students were already very knowledgeable, but enjoyed the opportunity to work with chemicals that they are unable to in their primary school setting.

I was impressed with their practical skills, as all students worked responsibly, successfully making and testing hydrogen gas. As always the students were a pleasure to teach, their enthusiasm being infectious.

We were lucky to have some of our year 12 students join us to assist with the activities who subsequently commented on enjoying the session spent with our visitors.



Christmas card competition winners

Congratulations to the three winners of Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy’s 2017 Christmas card competition, Ben Hall (7SHE), Millie Minto (9FR) and Sophie Ovington (9AMD). Our winners produced three beautiful festive designs that will be used as the academy’s official Christmas cards.

All three students won the chance to turn on the Academy Christmas tree lights and received twenty Christmas cards of their own design plus a £20 Metro Centre gift voucher.

Thank you to our winning students and everyone who entered the competition, choosing the winners was a difficult job.

See the winning entries below.



Ruth Browell visits Lord Lawson

In our latest author visit, students from years 8 and 9 welcomed writer Ruth Browell to the Academy. These students participated in a writing masterclass, benefitting from the experience and inside knowledge of the author who has recently published the first in a new series of fantasy books ‘The Carfax Chronicles: Earthcry’.

Students were treated to a reading of the book and listened to an interview which gave insight into the author’s inspirations and gave away some top tips for budding new writers. Students were then given the opportunity to write their own story beginning and were privileged to have the author deliver them aloud to the rest of the group.

Student have gained much from the experience and we look forward to the next book in the series being released next year.

You can find out more about this new series of books at the following website: http://www.carfaxchronicles.com


Sixth Form Wellbeing Day 2017

Last week we were fortunate to have WatsonBurton for Yr 12 Sixth form studies session as part of our ongoing links with local employers through the Building My Skills programme.

The law firm offered an excellent presentation including answering student questions and making students away of the dangers of inappropriate content on Social media accounts. This is particularly relevant when evidence suggests 95% of employers will look at candidates online appearance before they interview. Students will be doing follow up tasks on their online appearance to ensure they recognise the dangers and ensure their profiles are suitable for employability in the future.

Simone and Jennifer outlined how they had achieved their current positions and what skills would be beneficial to anyone considering a degree in law.

On Tuesday 28th November as part of the Well Being Day programme HMRC came into school to work with some of Yr 12 and Yr 13 for a morning with a series of workshops and information sessions. Students were given information on paying tax, tax codes, budgeting, interview skills and career advice on the range of jobs available within HMRC. Students were surprised to hear of the breadth of opportunities as well as setting up their digital tax code, which everyone will have in the future.

We will be working with HMRC again in February and they have kindly offered to host interview practice with our Yr 13 students.



Glass Centre Visit 2017

On Wednesday December 6th, A Level  Art and Design students visited the Illuminating Colour exhibition at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.  This is an exhibition of new works by Colin Rennie and Cate Watkinson,  and has been the part of a collaboration between, Durham, Oxford and Sunderland Universities.  The work has been inspired and stimulated by a collaborative and interdisciplinary project called;


which is about the work of the 12th Century  Bishop Monk and polymath, Robert Grosseteste,  whose thinking was exceptionally advanced for its time.

We were fortunate to be given a tour around the exhibition by one of the artists, Colin Rennie
( dad of Euan in Year 7.)  He gave us a real insight into the ideas he had explored within his work and the complex processes used to create it.
We also had a tour of the studio spaces, saw some amazing equipment in action and visited the hot glass studio.
We had a chance to collaborate on producing a blown glass sculpture and a few students made individual hot glass pieces as well.



Birtley Winter Festival

Congratulations to those  students in Years 4,5 and 6 from all the Birtley Primary schools who took part in the opening of the Birtley Winter Festival.
Students beautifully performed three Christmas  songs led by Miss Robinson  and got everyone in the festive spirit.
All students then took part in the count down for this year’s Christmas tree light switch on.
What a wonderful way to start  a magical  Christmas time.


Mission Christmas

A staggering one in three children are classed as living in poverty and the prospect of purchasing Christmas presents can be daunting or simply unachievable for families in need. The Mission Christmas campaign aims to provide every disadvantaged local child with a present to open on Christmas morning, allowing them to still believe in the magic of Christmas.

Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy are now a registered drop off point for Metro Radios Mission Christmas and we welcome staff, students, parents and the wider community to get involved.

To take part, just follow these simple steps…

  • Hit the shops and pick up a fantastic present suitable for children aged 0-18 years.
  • Drop your gift off at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy reception – there’s no need for wrapping! We’ll make sure it gets delivered in time for Christmas morning.

Enjoy Christmas knowing that you have made a real difference in a child life.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

Mrs Walsh

Education Welfare

Academy Awards 2017

On Thursday 16th November Lord Lawson played host to our 3rd annual academy awards where we paid tribute to the achievements of our students from year 7 through to year 13, with the sports hall transformed into a venue fit for an Oscar ceremony, complete with expectant award winners.

There were over 150 students present along with parents/guardians, teachers, representatives from the governing body and partners of the academy to celebrate many successes ranging from 100% attendance to exam achievement to resilience in Education to community awards and subject awards. The students who attended have demonstrated the Lord Lawson 5R’s+1 learning behaviours throughout their time at the academy and it was fantastic to see such commitment on display.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by our 6th Form performing arts students whose magnificent performance was a pleasure to behold and left the audience’s appetite whetted in exectation for this years academy performance of CAT’s.

A huge well done goes to the students who received awards and performed, along with staff who made the evening one which will live long in the memory.

Alex Rayner (Assistant Principal)