Rachel Meyer Visit

It was a great pleasure to welcome ex-student Rachel Meyer back into the academy this morning to speak in our Sixth Form Assembly. Rachel left us in 2015 to study Geography at Durham University. During the summer break this year, she successfully applied to ICS, International Citizenship Service, in conjunction with the charity Raleigh, to work for 10 weeks in Tanzania helping to build a sustainable drinking and water supply in a rural village.

Not only did she work with the volunteers in the actual building of the facilities, she taught in the local schools to help improve hygiene and ensure that the project was sustainable.

Rachel lived with a local family and clearly got so much out of the experience, it was great to hear and see how much she enjoyed this worthwhile project. We do hope it helps to inspire some of our current students to consider taking on such a challenge.


Outstanding A level results

Outstanding results from our students on A level results day
Many congratulations to all our students who received their A level and BTEC results today. We would like to send a very well done to each and every one of you, it is always anxious waiting to hear from universities and employees across the country regarding confirmation of places on degree courses and apprenticeships. You have all done so well.

After 2 years of hard work and dedication, their results were exceptional. The majority of students gained entry to their university of first choice. We have students going all over the country, including Cambridge, Durham, Manchester, Glasgow and Imperial College to study subjects from including Medicine, Physics, Maths, Computing, Teaching and Sports Coaching.

Over 45% of our A level students gained an A*, A or B at A level and 76% gaining a Distinction or Distinction * for their BTEC.

Well done everyone, be proud.



Sharon Hodgson MP Visit

On Friday 16th June Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West, Sharon Hodgson met with our Yr 12  and a few of Yr 7 Project time students. Sharon offered to come into school to talk about her role in politics and to answer questions from the students.It was interesting to hear how and why she became an MP and to hear about the changes she has witnessed during her time in office. Sharon also met some students and spoke to them individually about their personal aspirations and plans after they leave Lord Lawson.
As part of our British Values programme our students find out about Democracy and our parliamentary system. Sharon was keen to encourage students to get involved in politics and was impressed that the the Yr 7 students had been involved in hosting our own school election on 8th June.


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A Level Coastal fieldwork

Year 12 Geography A Level Coastal fieldwork – Seaham​, Marsden & Seaton Sluice
36 Geography students, Mr Rodger, Mr Gemmell, Ms Raistrick and Rosie the border terrier spent today studying coastal geomorphology and sand dune systems. The aim was to support learning in the classroom and to practice data collection methods to help students decide what type of personal fieldwork study they want to do over the summer. Lovely weather certainly helped with the enjoyment level for students and staff!


On Location

On Saturday the 6th of May Barbara DaSilva Lopes was invited to work on a film set (which we are not allowed to name – sorry )  with actor Gordon Ace Hindson who has starred in Beowulf and game of thrones and other actors which we can’t name either unfortunately .  This was on location in Durham and Barbara has got great feed back from the director and actors who all complemented her on her professionalism and talent.  This is a great achievement and a wonderful opportunity for her – she has been asked to work on future projects too which I’m sure you will agree is fantastic news for her.

If you see Barbara please congratulate her on her achievement – Our team are so proud !


Our House Musical

Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy proudly presents…Our House the Musical

Tickets are on sale now for our Amazing Production of Our House the Musical running from Tuesday 28th March- Friday 31st March 7pm.

The Performing Arts department are proud to present our Kneehigh theatre inspired interpretation of Our House.

Our House is a unique musical inspired by the music of Madness which follows the story of main character Joe Casey who on his 16th birthday has a moral decision to make. Does Joe make the right decision? Does he take the right or wrong path in life? Find out how Joe’s life, relationships and character are affected by his decisions that night in a fun, thought provoking and heart-warming tale.

The Our house sound track includes many Madness hits including…Our House, It Must Be Love, I Like Driving in my Car, Baggy Trousers and many more. Prepare to sing along and see these old classics be performed through a completely new interpretation.

Our cast have been a credit to the Academy, over 70 students are involved in the production, so get your tickets now to support your friends and family involved before they sell out!

Tickets are on sale now from the Academy reception for £4.00


Sixth Form ICAEW BASE 2017

On Wednesday the 8th of March a team of Business students from year 12 and 13 attended the prestigious regional ICAEW BASE competition. The day provided students the opportunity to meet employers and learn about a variety of careers within the accountancy sector. This provided students with an insight into a number of different career paths within business. On the day of the heat the students were presented with a scenario that outlined a number of business issues which they had to analyse and propose solutions to. The students were supported for the day by a professional mentor to help them prepare their final presentations. The task allowed students to develop their communication, team work, decision making and problem solving skills.

The students were in competition with a number of schools across the region to secure a place in the National Final to be held in June. Competition was fierce and the students worked extremely hard to prepare a professional presentation. At the end of the day, the team presented their analysis and advice to a panel of highly respected judge’s form the Accountancy sector, who decided the best proposal.

The hard work and determination paid off with the students securing 1st place with one judge commenting “what a superb presentation well done”. A great result for the Business students who took part.

A huge congratulations to the following students who took part and represented the Academy

Francesca Tough

Amie Thirlwell

Hannah Hamilton

Daniel Hadnum

Ben Wade

Carl Llewellyn.

I look forward to the final in June where the students will compete to become the National BASE champions of 2017.



Lord Lawson on the Lowdown…

Year 13 Performing Arts Dance Students Visited Shadon House, Birtley on Tuesday 6th December as part of an ongoing Community Arts project. Working in collaboration with Equal Arts, Lord Lawson dancers have brought to life the creative writing of the Shadon House residents.

Over the past term the students have been exploring two stories based upon a fictional character named ‘Bella Stella’ devising an impressive physical theatre performance piece based on the ideas in the stories. The students premiered the piece at the Academy Christmas Coffee afternoon event and again during the Shadon House visit.

This performance was captured by local TV Channel Made in Tyne and Wear and featured on the daily news show the Lowdown over the Christmas holidays.

In case you missed the feature please follow the link below to view.

Join us in May at our Syllabus to stage showcase to view the final ‘Bella Stella’ Performance.

Miss Brown

Subject Leader Performing Arts


Click on the image below to view video


Annual Kilcoyne Christmas Lecture 2016

Year 12 and 13 students joined me on our yearly visit to Newcastle University to be entertained and informed at the Annual Kilcoyne 6th Form Christmas Lecture. The lecture series is named after John Kilcoyne, a retired lecturer from University of Sunderland who made it his mission to wow audiences while educating them about various chemical reactions and their applications. He may be better known from appearing in his shed on Sky Television’s Braniac, .

The lectures are now delivered by guest speakers who all hold the same ethos of making chemistry fun and relevant. Yesterday Dr Annie Hodgson from York University delivered “Colourful Chemistry at Christmas”. We were treated to a number of demonstrations, from reactions between colourless solutions that created a delayed but striking colour change, to flames and bangs associated with fireworks.

Annie asked for some student participation, which our group were very reluctant to do. Well done to Rassi for stepping up and waving a sparkler through the air! It was left to me to participate with the glow stick though. Throughout the demonstrations Annie explained the chemistry behind what we were watching, why colour changing rubber ducks changed colour in hot water, which salts produced the different colours in fireworks, what caused the bangs and whistles in fireworks as they burnt and how sparklers were made and sparkled when lit were among the examples. Annie told the students to ‘Expect the unexpected’, however I enjoyed hearing gasps from the students when they clearly hadn’t expected the outcomes of a reaction. Film canisters exploding then hitting the high ceiling of the lecture theatre were met with jumps followed by laughter.

On leaving all of our students said they’d enjoyed their hour at the lecture, with Year 13 saying they’d enjoyed this year’s lecture more than the one they’d seen last year. A great way to end the year!

Mrs Robson

Talk by Heriot Watt Chemistry lecturer

Year 12 and 13 Chemists benefitted from a talk given to them by Magnus Bebbington, a lecturer at Heriot Watts’ School of Engineering & Physical Sciences; Chemical Sciences last week. Magnus’ research is aimed at developing new methods of synthesising one type of molecule where two mirror images are possible. These are known as optical isomers. This branch of chemistry is especially important in the development of drugs, as one mirror image can be beneficial while the other can cause serious problems. The most well documented example being thalidomide.

Magnus’ lecture introduced the topic to our year 12 students in an accessible manner, using Alice Through the Looking Glass as a context. What would looking glass milk taste like? For our year 13 students it was a useful revision session, with additional examples and information to those they had discussed in their usual chemistry lessons. Students were given samples of the two optical isomers of limonene to smell. One is the scent in lemons, the other the scent in oranges.

Magnus was then happy to answer any questions our students had, either about the subject of chirality or about student life, followed by interest in post graduate studies.