Sixth Form Wellbeing Day 2017

Last week we were fortunate to have WatsonBurton for Yr 12 Sixth form studies session as part of our ongoing links with local employers through the Building My Skills programme.

The law firm offered an excellent presentation including answering student questions and making students away of the dangers of inappropriate content on Social media accounts. This is particularly relevant when evidence suggests 95% of employers will look at candidates online appearance before they interview. Students will be doing follow up tasks on their online appearance to ensure they recognise the dangers and ensure their profiles are suitable for employability in the future.

Simone and Jennifer outlined how they had achieved their current positions and what skills would be beneficial to anyone considering a degree in law.

On Tuesday 28th November as part of the Well Being Day programme HMRC came into school to work with some of Yr 12 and Yr 13 for a morning with a series of workshops and information sessions. Students were given information on paying tax, tax codes, budgeting, interview skills and career advice on the range of jobs available within HMRC. Students were surprised to hear of the breadth of opportunities as well as setting up their digital tax code, which everyone will have in the future.

We will be working with HMRC again in February and they have kindly offered to host interview practice with our Yr 13 students.



Glass Centre Visit 2017

On Wednesday December 6th, A Level  Art and Design students visited the Illuminating Colour exhibition at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.  This is an exhibition of new works by Colin Rennie and Cate Watkinson,  and has been the part of a collaboration between, Durham, Oxford and Sunderland Universities.  The work has been inspired and stimulated by a collaborative and interdisciplinary project called;

which is about the work of the 12th Century  Bishop Monk and polymath, Robert Grosseteste,  whose thinking was exceptionally advanced for its time.

We were fortunate to be given a tour around the exhibition by one of the artists, Colin Rennie
( dad of Euan in Year 7.)  He gave us a real insight into the ideas he had explored within his work and the complex processes used to create it.
We also had a tour of the studio spaces, saw some amazing equipment in action and visited the hot glass studio.
We had a chance to collaborate on producing a blown glass sculpture and a few students made individual hot glass pieces as well.



Blue Sky Trust

We were very pleased to welcome Ben from Blue Sky Trust into our Sixth Form Assembly on Wednesday 6th December. Ben talked with our students around the issues associated with HIV, explaining how the virus works and unpicking many of the myths associated with the disease.

It was moving listening to some young local people with experience of HIV, whilst uplifting to hear the advancements in science and medical treatment to support people with the disease. One student said “I was totally unaware of the how this disease is spread and am guilty of believing the myths”. For further information, please follow the link below.

Road Sense

On Tuesday as part of the Sixth Form Well Being Day Programme the students witnessed a challenging and very emotional presentation on Road safety which was hosted jointly by the emergency services. The project was part of Operation Dragoon, a Northumbria police road safety initiative.

‘Road Sense Common Sense’ was an hour live speaker and short film presentation which was very hard hitting, relevant and memorable for the students who at the age of 16-18 are more vulnerable to road death than at any other time in their life.

The presenters gave true stories of road traffic accidents and victims from all perspectives. The students and staff were very moved by the experience and it certainly made them think about their driving.


Macmillan Coffee morning

Since 1993  Lord Lawson have hosted  an annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan. Over the years I’m proud to say we have donated more than £15,000 to the charity -a fantastic achievement. I hope we can continue to do this in the future.
 This year we hosted a coffee morning in the sixth form common room with donations of cakes from staff and students.Project time Yr 7 students made and decorated cupcakes to sell and the whole school supported the event. A past colleague Mrs Heseltine kindly donated her delicious jam and homemade bread to raffle.
So far we have raised more than £300. Well done Lord Lawson.


Rachel Meyer Visit

It was a great pleasure to welcome ex-student Rachel Meyer back into the academy this morning to speak in our Sixth Form Assembly. Rachel left us in 2015 to study Geography at Durham University. During the summer break this year, she successfully applied to ICS, International Citizenship Service, in conjunction with the charity Raleigh, to work for 10 weeks in Tanzania helping to build a sustainable drinking and water supply in a rural village.

Not only did she work with the volunteers in the actual building of the facilities, she taught in the local schools to help improve hygiene and ensure that the project was sustainable.

Rachel lived with a local family and clearly got so much out of the experience, it was great to hear and see how much she enjoyed this worthwhile project. We do hope it helps to inspire some of our current students to consider taking on such a challenge.


Outstanding A level results

Outstanding results from our students on A level results day
Many congratulations to all our students who received their A level and BTEC results today. We would like to send a very well done to each and every one of you, it is always anxious waiting to hear from universities and employees across the country regarding confirmation of places on degree courses and apprenticeships. You have all done so well.

After 2 years of hard work and dedication, their results were exceptional. The majority of students gained entry to their university of first choice. We have students going all over the country, including Cambridge, Durham, Manchester, Glasgow and Imperial College to study subjects from including Medicine, Physics, Maths, Computing, Teaching and Sports Coaching.

Over 45% of our A level students gained an A*, A or B at A level and 76% gaining a Distinction or Distinction * for their BTEC.

Well done everyone, be proud.



Sharon Hodgson MP Visit

On Friday 16th June Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West, Sharon Hodgson met with our Yr 12  and a few of Yr 7 Project time students. Sharon offered to come into school to talk about her role in politics and to answer questions from the students.It was interesting to hear how and why she became an MP and to hear about the changes she has witnessed during her time in office. Sharon also met some students and spoke to them individually about their personal aspirations and plans after they leave Lord Lawson.
As part of our British Values programme our students find out about Democracy and our parliamentary system. Sharon was keen to encourage students to get involved in politics and was impressed that the the Yr 7 students had been involved in hosting our own school election on 8th June.


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A Level Coastal fieldwork

Year 12 Geography A Level Coastal fieldwork – Seaham​, Marsden & Seaton Sluice
36 Geography students, Mr Rodger, Mr Gemmell, Ms Raistrick and Rosie the border terrier spent today studying coastal geomorphology and sand dune systems. The aim was to support learning in the classroom and to practice data collection methods to help students decide what type of personal fieldwork study they want to do over the summer. Lovely weather certainly helped with the enjoyment level for students and staff!


On Location

On Saturday the 6th of May Barbara DaSilva Lopes was invited to work on a film set (which we are not allowed to name – sorry )  with actor Gordon Ace Hindson who has starred in Beowulf and game of thrones and other actors which we can’t name either unfortunately .  This was on location in Durham and Barbara has got great feed back from the director and actors who all complemented her on her professionalism and talent.  This is a great achievement and a wonderful opportunity for her – she has been asked to work on future projects too which I’m sure you will agree is fantastic news for her.

If you see Barbara please congratulate her on her achievement – Our team are so proud !