STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The skills and knowledge in all four areas are essential for students to understand and participate in many different aspects of the increasingly technological modern world.

At Lord Lawson we offer students a number of extracurricular activities to engage them in the world of STEM. We believe that STEM subjects are vital as they provide knowledge and experience that open doors to exciting and rewarding careers as well as helping students to make sense of objects and processes occur.


  • Schools Physicist of the Year Award 19 July 2017 - Recently two of our students attended the an awards ceremony at Northumbria University for the Schools Physicist of the Year 2017. Both students received the award of Physicist of the Year from the Ogden Trust and Northumbria University. The Trust’s aim is to maximise the opportunities available to young people in all parts of the UK’s educational […]
  • Year 6 Oakfield science visit 08 March 2017 - To coincide with science week at Oakfield Junior School, a group of year 6 students joined us at Lord Lawson to participate in a chemistry lesson. The group confidently worked in groups of 2 or 3 to produce hydrogen.   The fact that most of them had already seen hydrogen rockets at the year 6 open […]
  • Year 5 Science Workshop 03 February 2017 - Science workshops with year 5 students from 3 of our local primary schools Over the last three weeks we have had the pleasure of year 5 students from Barley Mow, Portobello and Ravensworth joining us for a chemistry lesson. The lesson‘s focus was on permanent chemical changes, which is in the upper KS2 curriculum. The […]