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STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The skills and knowledge in all four areas are essential for students to understand and participate in many different aspects of the increasingly technological modern world.

At Lord Lawson we offer students a number of extracurricular activities to engage them in the world of STEM. We believe that STEM subjects are vital as they provide knowledge and experience that open doors to exciting and rewarding careers as well as helping students to make sense of objects and processes occur.


  • 15 Year 5 Science Workshop 03 February 2017 - Science workshops with year 5 students from 3 of our local primary schools Over the last three weeks we have had the pleasure of year 5 students from Barley Mow, Portobello and Ravensworth joining us for a chemistry lesson. The lesson‘s focus was on permanent chemical changes, which is in the upper KS2 curriculum. The […]
  • Annual Kilcoyne Christmas Lecture 2016 04 January 2017 - Year 12 and 13 students joined me on our yearly visit to Newcastle University to be entertained and informed at the Annual Kilcoyne 6th Form Christmas Lecture. The lecture series is named after John Kilcoyne, a retired lecturer from University of Sunderland who made it his mission to wow audiences while educating them about various […]
  • DSC05702 Talk by Heriot Watt Chemistry lecturer 06 December 2016 - Year 12 and 13 Chemists benefitted from a talk given to them by Magnus Bebbington, a lecturer at Heriot Watts’ School of Engineering & Physical Sciences; Chemical Sciences last week. Magnus’ research is aimed at developing new methods of synthesising one type of molecule where two mirror images are possible. These are known as optical […]