Year 13 Journey


August 2016
AS and GCSE examination results are published.

September 2016
Term begins Wednesday 7 September, students enrol onto Year 13 courses.

A progress monitoring report will be shared with parents/carers at the Parents evening when they meet Subject staff.

Student progress monitoring also begins with students having their first 1:1 meeting with their Tutor.

October 2016
Well Being Day 1

November 2016
Student progress monitoring continues, every student will discuss their progress with their tutor on their second 1:1 meeting.

December 2016
Well Being Day 2

January 2017
A progress monitoring report will be shared with parents on RAD (Raising Achievement Day). Students lead this meeting with their parents and tutor.

Well Being Day 3

Year 13 mock ‘A’ level exams

March 2017
Well Being Day 4

Parents evening with subject staff

April 2017
Students’ progress monitoring will take place for a third time in 1:1 discussions with students and their progress tutor.

June 2017
‘A’ level examinations

August 2017
Final ‘A’ level examination results published.
University places are confirmed, other destinations identified.